About Avista Homes

Behind Every Great Company is a Leader with Vision

Since “Vista” means an “extensive mental view”…The company name of Avista Homes is apt, as everything Smith has done in his career to date has required a powerful combination of innovative vision and thinking that is decidedly outside the box. Always keeping his client and their end vision in mind, Smith has crafted intelligently built homes for today’s intelligent homebuyer.

Avista Homes Founder Steve SmithIn his earliest days, Steve Smith worked for International Paper as one of their youngest project managers, managing the construction of multi-million dollar projects. Later, he ran a very successful custom home building company in Northwest Florida that took craftsmanship to the next level by designing and building its own millwork for trim and finish. Smith has worked in high-level management roles for national homebuilders and received many awards for his extraordinary leadership.

The depth and breadth of Smith’s professional experiences have allowed him to take that passion for creativity, craftsmanship, and technological innovation and develop a corporation that befits his unwavering commitment to excellence. The result is Avista Homes: an inspired corporation with a very BIG mission.

Avista Homes CharlotteAvista Homes aims to build homes efficiently and intelligently, using a proprietary computer process that reflects both the clients’ and builder’s vision for a successful outcome. More specifically, Smith has married a passion for home building and technology to refine and streamline the building process.

The cornerstone to Smith’s success is his ability to design, implement and use technology effectively in an industry that largely under-utilizes it. Branded “Build Efficient”, this technology was designed and created by Smith himself and serves as the virtual engine of Avista Homes. Build Efficient is years in the making and befitting to all that Smith does. On a grand scale, Smith believes its implementation has the potential to change the building industry.

The utilization of Build Efficient in all home building projects sets Avista Homes apart from its competitors. In fact, it sets Avista Homes above its competitors.