Top Crypto Gainers on September 27 MKR, BCH, O P., BTCBSC

The candle’s size suggests that the asset’s trading activity is limited. Merchants accepting $APE payments for services, digital goods, and how to make airdrop anonymous physical goods are eligible. This contest will likely drive more users to the ecosystem and lead to an eventual rally for the $APE tokens.

This situation is evident in the MACD indicator, now a few pips below the signal line, suggesting a decline in buying strength. The Battle Infinity ecosystem will be driven by the world’s native $IBAT BEP-20 coin. The 10 billion $IBAT tokens that are available will be staked and used to distribute awards.

Notably, WSM’s presale has raised over $25 million, reflecting massive interest from investors in the crypto sphere. The indicator is moving downwards, confirming seller pressure on the asset. Although the MACD is still above the signal line and the Histogram bars are green, a retracement is still possible.

The asset will likely surge in value after listing due to its viral adoption in the crypto community. Bitcoin BSC has dedicated 69% of its token supply to staking rewards distributed according to an investor stake in the pool. Additionally, BTCBSC is fully audited by Coinsult, with all security tests completed to assure users that it is not a rug pull kbc coin price event. The WSM presale is in its final stage, with less than a week left for investors to take advantage of before listing on Tier-1 exchanges. The Presale has raised over $25 million since it began showing massive interest from investors in the crypto community. APE’s price on September 18 is $1.15, with a 2.2% increase in the last 24 hours.

Synthetic Network Token (SNX)

In Q4 2023, the crypto market has settled in a total market cap range slightly exceeding 1 trillion. Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to dominate the crypto market due to its large market cap. However, September ushered in a period of price volatility for Bitcoin and other crypto assets. An average of $78,420,371 has been traded in the last 24 hours for the cryptocurrency Synthetix.

  • On the daily chart, ROSE has formed a green candle as the buyers enter a massive accumulation phase.
  • RLCs are tokens for the iExec cloud platform which may be used to monetize,  rent and compute data resources.
  • Nonetheless, TON is still above the critical moving average (MA), indicating bullish in the short and long term.
  • Also, all purchases made with ETH will still require BNB for gas fees during claiming.
  • Any token may be turned into an NFT farm using the SuperFarm DeFi protocol, which does not need any coding.

Additionally, investors prefer diversifying their investments to prevent total liquidation from one bad position. Also, the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) has dropped below its signal line, displaying a sell signal. Additionally, how to buy deso the red Histogram bars confirm that selling pressure is rising for the asset. XDC will likely retrace in the coming days if the sellers sustain their pressure. The sellers have re-entered the market, forcing a decline to the $0.05 support.

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It will bring certainty of security to the ecosystem, not probability. Additionally, the Parabolic SAR expresses a bullish sentiment, moving below the candles to confirm that buyers are in control. The Stochastic Oscillator shows that the asset is already in the overbought zone. The Stochastic Oscillator’s fast RSI displays a value of 87.7 and is still rising as buyers accumulate. Also, the automated game night tool A Fifth of Gaming hosted a competition with a $750 BCH prize pool up for grabs.

Over the last year, popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have seen both steep spikes and large declines. The world of cryptocurrency has also seen a rise in the number of major corporations investing in the sector. Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency, even hit a new record high. There has been a sharp rise in cryptocurrency investment due to its emerging technology. To invest in Crypto, it is essential to follow platforms that provide easy and reliable information regarding their performance and predictions. The users can manage, spend or collect the reward and loyalty points through this platform.

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Also, the Stochastic Oscillator’s Fast RSI is dropping, hinting at further price decline for O.P. OP has formed a red candle on the daily chart as sellers continue to attempt a decline below the $1.26 support. Furthermore, the candles are under the Parabolic SAR, confirming that the selling pressure for the token is rising.

Maker (MKR)

Users can re-stake their tokens after the presale to claim staking rewards. However, users who opt to remove their tokens from staking immediately after the presale will forfeit any APY rewards. Tokens purchased during the presales are automatically staked for the purchasing wallet to earn rewards.

If BCH closes above the $226 resistance level today, it will likely rally to the overbought region in the coming days. These exciting plans likely made investors accumulate MKR tokens, leading to a price surge in the past week. MKR’s price action on the daily chart confirms the bullish sentiment for the token. This mode focuses on several aspects of the battle, such as betting on unique battle events. It makes users go deeper into the game mechanics and find creative ways to wager.

But despite the uncertainty in the crypto market, Bitcoin shows signs of recovery, approaching the $27,000 price level. Also, some altcoins have emerged among the top gainers today, driven by innovative developments in their ecosystem. All these projects center around BCH tokens and boost their utility, which likely translated to price gains in the past week. As such, BCH displays a strong buy trend on the daily chart as more investors accumulate the tokens.


Polkadot (DOT) is a decentralized blockchain network that facilitates interaction between unrelated blockchains like BSC and Ethereum (ETH). With Polkadot (DOT), developers can transfer assets, transact, and exchange messages between blockchains. Based on the report, the rates will likely be adjusted between April – June 2024.

Uwerx has been audited and approved by InterFi Network and SolidProof ahead of the presale. Interestingly, the team behind Uwerx has decided they will renounce smart contract ownership of the project when taxes are reduced to zero. This decision will help block potential backdoors that may result in rug pulls. The coin market is decentralized but still needs seamless interaction between its numerous blockchains.

Also, it has broken above the $229.9 resistance level as the buyers continue to trade long positions. COMP is in an uptrend on the daily chart, forming a second consecutive green candle. Also, the buyers have broken above the $43.8 resistance level after pivoting off the $38.9 support level. However, if today’s closes above the $43.8 resistance, it will confirm a strong buy trend.