Next Generation HCM: It May Be Closer Than You Think

The new platform, today called ADP Next Gen HCM (a real name will come), has the architecture other vendors only talk about, and as it picks up speed it could become a major disruptor in the market. Workday’s architecture is fourteen years old and quite innovative, it feels proprietary. SuccessFactors is similar in age and is now being re-engineered around SAP Hana and a new Experience interface. Oracle recently re-engineered its HCM platform and it took almost five years.

  1. Finally, Workday is now investing heavily in Workday Extend, its entire API and partner strategy to help consultants and third parties build applications on Workday.
  2. Now that I’ve talked with many of their customers, I’d say they are definitely in the “Next-Gen” category.
  3. Formal and informal mentorship also play a key role in nurturing payroll talent.
  4. Canada’s NPI also regularly hosts webinars and other continuing education events.
  5. Providing employees with opportunities to explore their own “career playgrounds” will strengthen an organization’s existing talent and provide appealing incentives for new recruits eager to stretch their wings.

The company initially tried Workday for its HCM solution but found that many recruiting features were missing. When I first saw Darwinbox I was impressed with its user interface, but I had no idea what was under the covers. Now that I’ve talked with many of their customers, I’d say they are definitely in the “Next-Gen” category. And they’re highly scalable, global, and starting to replace systems like SAP in some of their clients. The Next-Gen HCM has to be AI-enabled and architected around skills. Let’s suppose you want to do a reorg of your company and you want the people with the top skills in “data security” in a big list for evaluation.

Creating for the future. Now.

“In our current work environment, businesses require greater organizational agility and transparency,” said Don Weinstein, corporate vice president of global product and technology for ADP. At ADP, we always put our customers first and our approach to Gen-AI is no different. In this role, you will have access to the adp next gen most unique and one of the largest HCM Data Sets and do exploratory analysis & build machine learning models. It’s more than digits and dials – you’re making huge decisions that impact millions of customers. SuccessFactors, which has been around longer than Workday, is going through a massive redesign this year.

SAP understands, through its long history in regulated industries, that skills are not just “inferred indexing” technology added to an HCM system. Their model reflects experiences, credentials, certificates, as well as inferred skills – and will also accomodate the Whole Self Model. For example, you may have a skill that you “don’t want to use any more” because you’ve evolved in your career. JSW is a large conglomerate in India (100,000+ employees) that runs a steel company, an energy company, and a variety of consumer businesses. Being curious about the world around you is the first step towards a lifetime of learning.

Once considered the “system of record” for employees, they are now used by every company as a way to keep track of people’s jobs and work, plan and facilitate careers, and make sure people are paid correctly. Through a skunk-works development team in Chelsea, NY, the company has been rewriting its payroll engine and HCM platform for several years. The project, originally called Lifion, is a “cloud-native” platform which embraces the latest technology stack needed to scale for the future. As an energetic leader, you’ll take ownership of your domain roadmap, help motivate, focus our organization to deliver strong outcomes and manage expectation with stakeholders.

Learn more about how you can help build the future of HCM software — read more about our careers. Not only that, but Lifion developers are also able to refine and continuously improve on applications — a major competitive advantage over organizations that are still using more conventional methods of development. [SPEAKER 3] It’s a really cross-functional role that’s part developer, part product owner, part UX designer, and part project manager. So you really get this nice blend of all kinds of different use cases and things that make it a fun role. We’re building the next generation of ADP’s Human Capital Management software solutions.

Workday’s core database is object-oriented and uses many of the features of a graph database. The system itself is built on an integrated security and workflow model and designed to operate as a scalable, enterprise application. Core Human Capital systems are a large, growing and important market.

One of the best ways to keep up with changes is through conferences, events, online discussions and webinars, and industry resource collections that allow employees to stay current. Anecdotally, the vast majority of payroll specialists come to the profession later in their careers, she adds. Although it’s been a topic of discussion for several years now as older Boomers — born between 1946 and 1964 — began to retire, the issue is taking on new urgency as younger members of the cohort reach retirement age. In 2030, the youngest Boomers will be 66, creating shortages in leadership positions — and leaving more room for following generations to advance. This achievement underscores ADP’s mission to design innovative HCM technology that addresses the modern challenges of the HR community. Over the last six years, the HR Technology Conference and Human Resource Executive have recognized numerous ADP innovations for that consistent aim, including ADP’s Next Gen HCM.

While the system is still young, it sets a technical direction for Workday, SAP, Oracle, and others. ADP is pleased to announce Next Gen Payroll is now live with its first client in Mexico, joining hundreds of other clients throughout the U.S. and Canada. Built natively on the public cloud, the Platform gives practitioners and employees unprecedented transparency into how they are paid, along with predictive insights with suggested actions. This expansion represents the next step in a phased roll out across North America.

And, as always, we remain committed to improving profitability while continuing to invest consistently to position ourselves to deliver long-term sustainable growth for our shareholders.” Net earnings for the quarter stood at $878 million, marking an 8% increase from the previous year. The adjusted net earnings, which exclude certain non-GAAP adjustments, mirrored this growth at $881 million. Diluted EPS and adjusted diluted EPS both increased by 9% to $2.13, reflecting the company’s profitability and efficiency in generating earnings. ADP announced the release of a new generative AI solution called ADP Assist, starting with a rollout for select clients with plans to eventually have it be available for all clients. The successful candidate must possess exceptional analytical and communication skills, along with the ability to deliver analytic results with confidence.

More than five years ago ADP also started building such a Next-Gen system. Originally named Lifion, the platform is now called ADP Next-Gen HCM. This platform, like Darwinbox, is built on a graph database with micro-services architecture, designed to coincide with the company’s next-gen payroll engine. We now operate in companies that are constantly reorganizing, acquiring, restructuring, and redesigning jobs. Cisco famously found out that there were 7,000 “teams” at Cisco, none of which were “visible” in the HCM.

Our Next-Gen Platform

As a critical member of the team, you will blend expert level knowledge about client services and hands-on experience with cutting edge technology to deliver analytic insights to key stakeholders across ADP. The products you deliver range from standardized, visually compelling dashboards and scorecards for ADP Executives to complex analyses designed to help ADP’s Data Science teams delivering world class GenAI/ML solutions. Base salary offers for this position may vary based on factors such as location, skills, and relevant experience.

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The associations also provide online libraries of free and paid publications. From organized workshops to more informal discussions at meals, or even just sharing a ride to or from the airport, conferences have long served as a key way to build skills during every level of a person’s career. Each organization offers in-person and online learning opportunities. In addition to web-based courses, PayrollOrg offers week-long certification courses at its Las Vegas-based Learning Center, and gives organizations the option to organize in-house training programs on-site. The GPA also offers a wide variety of training programs that detail country-specific compliance issues. Providing employees with opportunities to explore their own “career playgrounds” will strengthen an organization’s existing talent and provide appealing incentives for new recruits eager to stretch their wings.

Churn of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks 2023-2027

Collins also advises payroll team leaders to proactively take the reins and consider the individual strengths and aspirations of existing employees, including how they can contribute to a “payroll dream team,” as she calls it. While most companies discuss succession plans for C-suite roles early and often, hiring managers should think about pipelines for all essential roles, including in payroll. Payroll has long been the silent superhero of the work world; every employee of a company takes notice when that particular department is off its game. We built the Lifion platform to allow our devs to generate ideas and execute on them immediately.

But you also get to add your analysis so that you can generate requirements. [SPEAKER 4] Everything you do is on top of this platform, which is constantly evolving. So it’s really exciting to be learning something new every single week. But there is also the challenge of being able to quickly adapt to problems that arise suddenly. I’m not saying you should short Workday, Ultimate, or any of the other successful HCM systems in the market, but this new ADP platform will be a force to be reckoned with. Well yes, ADP does pay more than 40 million people in the US (one in six).