Looking at Browning’s AB3 and X-Bolt Rifles

Looking at Browning’s AB3 and X-Bolt Rifles

When comparing the Browning AB3 and X-Bolt rifles, many significant distinctions and parallels appear.

Physical appearance

One immediate variation is their information. The X-Bolt features a sleeker appearance, largely because of its magazine sitting down less than the foot of the carry around the AB3. Furthermore, the By-Bolt includes a lower account recipient, apparent from your increased positioning from the AB3’s recipient higher than the bolt displaying from the ejection harbour.

Palm Swell

The two rifles offer a secure right-hand palm swell from the pistol hold portion of the carry. The By-Bolt’s supply, nevertheless, shines using its gentler finish off from the Dura-Feel Armour layer, although this was discontinued in 2019.

Bolt Discharge Switches

The bolt release key on rifles is on the left, top back in the receiver.

Background and Labeling

It’s well worth clarifying the background and identifying events. The A-Bolt, launched in 1985, was been successful through the A-Bolt II in 1994, and later on with the AB3 in 2012. Regardless of the AB3 getting referred to as the A-Bolt III, it’s advertised as AB3. This modification symbolizes a significant leaving from the appearance of the A-Bolt II.


The AB3 incorporates a leaf spring season journal with changing tubes, whilst the By-Bolt uses a rotary-type newspaper, making certain sleek feeding with each shot.

browning x bolt vs a bolt

Recoil Pads

Equally rifles have the Inflex recoil pad process, allowing for easy alterations with Browning shims.

Trigger Techniques

The AB3 uses a composite trigger and trigger safeguard assembly, whilst the X-Bolt uses a metal bring about and trigger safeguard assemblage. The two offer a distinct set off bust, with the By-Bolt’s trigger getting adaptable.

Value and Build

The AB3 is situated as a value-focused gun, valued under the high quality-built By-Bolt along with a-Bolt models. Even though the AB3 may shortage a few of the looks and parts of the By-Bolt, it still pledges dependability and accuracy and reliability.

In the end, the AB3 functions as a dependable workhorse gun, perfect for those trying to find cost without having to sacrifice functionality. On the flip side, the X-Bolt as well as a-Bolt versions signify Browning’s premium products, boasting superior construction and beauty. Whether you opt for the AB3 being an admittance-levels selection or choose the X-Bolt for the high quality capabilities, each rifles assure a rewarding taking pictures experience.