How to Get a Job as a Network Engineer 6 Tips

The network engineer’s job description varies, depending on whether or not the activity focuses on engineering a new network or on an already existing network. By contrast, the BLS anticipates that overall demand for information security analyst jobs will jump 31 percent because of concerns around cyberattacks. Those who design secure computer systems for small to mid-size businesses will enjoy a 56 percent increase in job openings between how to become a windows network engineer 2019 and 2029. For similar reasons, jobs for network and computer systems administrators will only grow 4 percent during this same time frame, the BLS notes. The efficiency of cloud computing will allow system administrators to be more productive, and fewer positions will be required to manage network operations. You’ll also learn about virtualized networking, network security, networking standards and protocols, cloud computing etc.

  • The range of the salary could go from the minimum of ₹171k per year to the maximum of ₹820k per year.
  • It depicts your personality, your demeanour, your attitude towards employees, the company, or any situation as well.
  • A network engineer is a technical specialist with the expertise to design, develop, and manage computer networks that enable internal voice, data, video, and wireless network solutions.
  • However, not all network engineer certifications provide the same value for job seekers.
  • You can apply for job opportunities on various job portals like LinkedIn,, Monster and Indeed.
  • This program for transfer students includes nine GIAC certifications and a virtual internship as an apprentice incident handler with the Internet Storm Center, the world’s leading global cyber threat detection network.

Engineers choose the relevant data communications components and configure them to meet the requirements of their users. The JNCIE-ENT in a specialized certification and, as such, requires that you first obtain Juniper’s JNCIP certification (similar to CCNP). With the explosion of virtualization in every area of IT, VMware has shined as one of the industry leaders in this field. This gives you the industry-recognized power of a Cisco certification while also allowing you to differentiate yourself with a specialization. You can opt to pursue just one track, or you can pursue multiple tracks and obtain a CCIE certification for each one you pursue. But even in the world of networking, there are a plethora of specializations an individual can take.

Benefits of Signing up with

The ONF OCSA is an excellent certification for an entry-level professional to obtain whose focus is in SDN. It’s widely recognized and is regarded as a valuable certification. If you’re just starting out in networking, the CompTIA Network+ is an excellent certification that will advance your career.

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Network Engineer: Skills, Roles & Responsibilities

Besides a degree, many employers preferred a specialization degree in this job role related to the industry or field of network engineering. All the reasons mentioned above indicate why a company demands a network engineer. While an undergraduate degree is a great way to pursue a career in network engineering, it may not fit into everyone’s busy life.

  • Cisco is well known in the IT realm for having top certification options for this career path and, depending on where you earn your bachelor’s degree, some certs can be included with your coursework.
  • You’ll learn about designing and building networks, maintaining and managing network devices, and using network hardware such as switches and routers.
  • The average salary for a fresher network engineer (less than 1 year of experience) in India is ₹253,702 per annum.

As the Network+ is an entry-level certification, there are no hard requirements, though CompTIA does recommend at least 9-12 months in a networking position. The new VMware Certified Professional — Network Virtualization (VCP-NV 2019) certification is developed by VMware for professionals who configure, install, and perform administration of VMware NSX virtual networks. The CCIE tier of certifications is generally accepted across the world as being the most prestigious certification a network engineer can obtain. You should also be well-rounded in other basic technical skills, like data research and data entry, since a lot of your job is centered on analyzing system performance. Here’s a list of skills a network engineer needs in order to be successful. The responsibility of a system administrator is to focus on routine activities regarding networking and assist in configuring solutions for a smooth operational process.